Friday, April 18, 2014

Josh Hemminger

 This one hurts. He was too young, but as we all find out, life is fragile. Someone I considered a damn
good friend passed away. Details are sketchy, but the sad fact is, I'll never see this guy rock out to
another show, I'll never get to spend another barbeque with him, or have sidesplitting laughs with him
again. This guy kept me going, and I wish I told him that. In fact the outpouring of love I’ve seen for
him today is great. I however just hope most of you were able to tell him those feelings while he was
with us.
Josh had a great spirit. He was the life of any event or party. Someone who was real and not full of
anything. I don't remember him ever trying to be anything but strait with people. Whether is was
harsh, loving, or bombastic with chaos. For a few years I remember him front and center at almost
every show I played, screaming his head off. He was giving out more energy than the band. For years
after that he would remain probably my biggest supporter and fan, and thankfully a friend. He would
show up to almost every show I had, and if he didn't, you could bet the show was going to suck or lack
He was the kind of guy who would always be there for you too. Selfless. I could call that guy at any
hour of the day a total mess and he would pick up. Never upset, just glad to hear from you. I
remember having many deep and long phone conversations with him. Not sure if we figured
everything out about life, but we philosophized. He was a little deeper than people may think. I think
people liked to judge him by first meetings, but after a few minutes he could win anyone over. I don't
know if people gave him enough credit for how giving he was. I can remember a number of times
freezing outside some crappy bar and he would offer you his coat, or his shoes, or a couch to sleep on,
even gas money home.
He cared, but didn't cared too much about useless things. He lived by many of his own rules. I
remember seeing his “bank”, a can of money in the corner of his room. He said, “he was tired for
being charged and ripped off by other banks, so fuck it, that's my bank now.” He taught me a thing or
two about living life how you want and on your terms. All I can take away from this is, well, sadness.
But, also, I want to live life with the energy he had. I want to approach everyday with his energy. Play
every show with his fury. I won't forget him, and I will do my best to keep his memory alive in how I
approach life. I love you Josh.  I really wish you could read this. 
Josh, offering perhaps the first ever guitar duet played on one guitar.  One of the best shows ever.


  1. Josh was Such a Awesome Guy! I will Always Remember his Great Big Hugs! He Will be Greatly Missed!! XoXoXo Love Rainbow :)

  2. awesome words you have written about my son and your friend

  3. Josh was the soul behind many gatherings and workplaces that I will never forget. Josh made many positive impacts on the lives of others and I can vouch for that. Anytime I would see Josh in passing at work I couldn't help but smile. He was a good friend! He will be missed! -Mr. Beers

  4. Mr. Beers thank you for the kind words about our son Josh

  5. he was beautiful....and will be missed til i see him again...phill hill