Monday, October 25, 2010


So here's the deal. If you live in Salem and have nothing to do this Saturday, yet feel like joining a party in a costume or not, then here you go. $30 gets you a round trip bus ride to two bars, some free drinks, and live music. Best of all, no one has to drink and drive. More info and schedule below.

Eugene: pick up 6:30 1048 Lincoln St.

Salem: 6pm Start the party at Christy's pre funk party: Christy and Mandi's370 19th St. SE Salem, OR 97301. Bus Picks up at 8 and 8:45

Bar Hop Downtown and Meet at Jonathan's Oyster Bar 136 High St. Bus Picks up at 9 and 10

Final Destination: Jamalia @ The Tuff Ranch.
$30 Dollars includes round trip, beer (micro and domestic) and jello shots on the bus, and of course, the best Halloween experience EVER!

Tickets on Sale Monday, Sept 27 and must be bought in advance. Contact Christy Hey, Austin Rowlader, Andrew Hussey or to arrange.

Here's something creepy a friend and I recorded many years back, in a small spider infested basement to mark this holiday.

Very, very much,
The Dojo Master...

Monday, October 18, 2010

I don't sleep anymore...

There have been a few very long days in the mix for me lately. A 19 hour day of work and recording yesterday and more to come. I feel like I’m not mentally functional a lot of times recently. Lots of recording going on, some things have come easily, while other things seem like there are unworldly forces at work conspiring against anything running smoothly. I do have to say, nothing beats the feeling of recording with your shoes off so far. Hopefully there will be little things to listen to in weeks to come.

Two shows this week, one might be a Halloween type event right across the river from my house off SW MacAdam. Imagine that? I’m hoping for the easiest setup and break down ever. The next day I’ll hopefully squeeze in some more recording and then be at a benefit show with Salvador at the Red Room off 2530 NE 82nd Ave. Jump forward to the next day; more studio time at Toadhouse. Then more shows the following weekend. All gambling on the hope that I don’t totally burn out before then. There's talk of more recording well into November too. So much for taking this year on with a low profile. I guess we can all sleep when we’re dead. Thank you for reading this stupid little rant and this stupid little blog.

This is a show.

Should I post the funny video of a large man playing a tambourine?