Friday, November 17, 2023

New Release From Born Shit Stirrers!

I can't believe I've let almost a year pass by since posting on here again.  While I have been busy, I honestly forgot to and often put it off.  Lots of music recording and production has been coming in for me and not just my own projects.  So I've been caught up in it.  Speaking of which, here is my latest release from our little punk band the Born Shit Stirrers from the good people at Serial Bowl Records

We've come a long way.  From shitty closet recordings to the first vinyl I fully mixed.  I think it's our most eclectic album yet.  My old college roommate even pitched in with a tune he used to play at drunken parties.  Hopefully everyone enjoys it, or isn't too offend at the very least.  First 100 orders get a limited poster.  Available on 12 inch vinyl, CD, or digital download.

In other news, in the off chance your in Japan and near me, I'll be playing my first solo gig after at least a decade.  OK, back to work.  I'll be back with more to say on various subjects again soon I hope...

Love, Lum