Sunday, October 4, 2020

Interview with Pete Distefano of Porno for Pyros

I was honored to speak with Pete DiStefano of Porno for Pyros for show number 12!  He talks about art,music, relationships, the debates, doing movie sound tracks, and some wild times.  Interview and songs from Pete including, Porno for Pyros, Venice Underground, Pete DiStefano, and Hellride!  Truly an honor to talk to him.  Hope fans enjoy this as much as I did!  

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Interview on Mike Watt's The Watt From Pedro Show

It was an honor and a pleasure for my band-mates and I to be on the podcast of one of my own musical heroes, Mike Watt. It was a blast and surreal.  Check out our interview and as always, an eclectic batch of great music.  
The Watt From Pedro Show!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

F.U.K.R. FUKuoka Radio

So this social distancing and not playing shows has got my friends and I a little stir crazy.  We decided to spend the time we aren't record or making music, to share streaming music we like to everyone. We'll try have weekly shows and maybe a few live ones in the future.  So, if you feel like hanging out listening to music with us during these crazy times, check us out on FUKR

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

"Lester" New Born Shit Stirrers Vinyl Out Next Week

Our new vinyl "Lester", comes out next Friday on Serial Bowl Records and Chaos Control out of the Uk.  Pre-orders are available now Here.  I believe these will be in Pepto Bismol pink vinyl.  If you can't tell from the cover, this one is pretty sick and twisted.  If you're into offensive punk rock, grab a copy or download it next week.  Stay safe out there.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Klon Clone.

Unknowingly, I recently was in the market for a Klon Centaur overdrive pedal.  By unknowingly, I mean I stumbled upon a super cheap Chinese clone kit version on amazon ( for a mere $46.  I had reservations about it, especially being on amazon, but for that price I didn't have much to lose.  Considering real Klons are going for prices upwards of $3000, I had to try it.  Seems every famous guitarist I like has one these days after all.  
I'd seen the complaints about the instructions being unreadable among other things that seemed like beginner problems in the reviews.  Granted they weren't easy to read when the package arrived.  But with a multimeter, and some basic electronic knowledge, you should have no problem.  Only mix-up I had was with the two ceramic caps.  That was easy to mix up.  I got it running on the first try, but I wouldn't recommend this for someone just starting out.  However it really is paint by numbers with the values printed on the board.

Overall I couldn't build this from parts for the cost they are selling it at.  The components I counted compared to the schematic floating around online and it was spot on.  Other then and extra resistor which I think was a foot switch pop filter.  Sounds damn good, and close to every Klon demo I've heard.  The enclosure and paint job alone are worth the price.  No idea how they're making money off this in China.  It's on one of my boards now. Go slow, double check the values, and polarity.  Also the slop or notch on the audio jacks are the ground. There are other Klon clones on the market going for a lot more money.  As well as some Klon inspired pedals like the EHX Soul Food, which is pretty affordable.  But I have to hand it to the guys to threw this together.  For the price is it hard to beat it's value and sound.  Plus it was fun to solder it together for an afternoon.

The simple snobbish punk rock board.

Saturday, February 15, 2020


If anyone is curious to things I and the other folks in the band have to say, then tune in to The Noise Merchant on Rhino Radio Monday, February 17th at 8pm UK time(12pm West Coast, 5am Tuesday Japan), on...

Edit: A saved version is now up at
(Starts at about the 23:00 mark.)

Monday, February 3, 2020

Raw Horse Meat in Kumamoto...

The stage seemed ridiculous for the crowd size. 
Folks.  Sorry for the ineptitude on replying to comments the last few months.  I found the site bombarded with spam over the summer and it took me a while to find a few of you.  Also I finally broke down and joined the modern zombie world and purchased a "smart"phone after years of irritating loved ones, friends and work by not being available.  So, that means I will actually get notifications a bit quicker on all comments.
Raw horse, my fav!

In other news, we(Godzilla Snacks) are practicing to prepare starting our third EP recording.  Might technically be a full length by the end.  Hopefully I'll have a better space for a home studio soon as well.  Going to be a busy 2020.  

Born Shit Stirrers has a vinyl recording coming out soon on Serial Bowl Records of Sunderland, UK in a joint effort from Boss Tuneage, and Chaos Control Records.  It's somewhat a concept album called "Lester", for reasons that will become more obvious next month.  Again, this band is going to hell.

That very band, Born Shit Stirrers and I dropped a fortune on a out of town gig last weekend.  The very reason touring in Japan is not a great strategy; unless you want to enjoy a vacation as a tourist and drop a load of coin.  One of us needs to buy a van...  We made it to the southern end of Kyushu in a city named Kumamoto.(The creepy black Japanese bear cartoon city) The show went well and all, nothing to really get excited about.  Other than the raw horse sashimi.  Actually a full smorgasbord of horse entrees to be eaten.  We paid a premium for it, but the drummer Jun was nice enough to pick up the bill.  (He has a lot more disposable income now that he quit drugs.)  And to think, people in Europe were getting upset a few years back, that McDonald's was mixing this delicious stuff in with the burger meat!

Well, just thought I'd post something and check in.  Life's been crazy and weird lately, but here's hoping it's good for all of you.  Stay safe, and wash your damn hands, there's bat/snake flu going around.  (Ironically probably started from eating odd raw animals.)