Thursday, March 21, 2013

Too Much Noise.

I find myself tuning out more and more.  Everything these days just seems like a wash.  Too much noise.  The noise I speak of has little to do with sound, but content.  I listen to loud noisy guitar music everyday on my bike everywhere I go.  Somehow all that screeching guitar feedback is more soothing to me than the human voice most times. It’s the over-stimulation that has left me under-stimulated, if that makes sense. 

I'm overwhelmed by useless information, sensationalism, and the disposable culture this world has churned out more and more of.  I find myself checking facebook, and twitter less these days.  The content of 90% of my "friends" is pretty disheartening, uninteresting, or just hostile.   I can only assume the same can be said of some of my content as well.  What was supposed to be a great way for me to keep in contact with friends and family has turned into very little actual interaction, only blind spam like sharing.  The internet card meme thing has worn old, pretty damn quickly too.  Nothing like someone else writing your feelings for you.  Few people seem to be interested in what everyone has to say or what they're actually doing.  We're all now plugged in now to share the mundane that would probably be best left unshared or unliked, or "poked" or whatever. 

This is all ironic too, when I hear so much about our lack of privacy in this age.  Yet, it seems people are perfectly fine sharing so much of their personal lives, and few will give a second thought to uploading any picture onto a social media site.   No one is forcing anyone to do any of this.  Yet there is this huge outrage, I digress, but the point is, more noise. 

How much more noise do we need?  I find my head hurting and my resolve in my fellow humans low at times because of this noise.  This post is more crap added to the pile in the grand scheme of things.  Where do we go from here?  I think it's time for me to step back a bit.  I might even throw my cellphone away, as I rarely have real human interactions these days.  It's rare I even hear a human voice at the other end of my "phone".  Just cold straight text messages or emails.  As much as I tend to loath a lot of humanity, I still need human interactions.  It's what makes me human.

 Or maybe it’s just time for me to start yelling at the neighborhood kids to “get off my lawn”. 

Friday, March 8, 2013