Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Been a Long Time. Coming out of the Fog.

The posters are off the presses. So now the long drawn out silence will finally come to a close. The band and I will finally reveal the songs we've spend collectively a little over a year writing. We'll be debuting it live, Friday the 17th. Now that I've talked it up with that grandiose intro, I'm sure expectations can't possible be met. But, we really haven't done anything out in the public since November, and for me personally, this was the longest lull of not playing out live in about 5 years. So, needless to say, we're itching to get out and destroy some eardrums. Lord Dying is and insane Metal group, that I'm sure will make us all look like chumps, so if nothing else come for that. Norska will add some variety to the evening, and for those who don't know, have a member from YOB in it. So come say "hi". Friday, June 17th at The Saratoga Bar off 6910 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR. Show starts at 9pm. Please message me if you want on the guest list.

So with that all said, I really hope those of you who have missed shows in the past, can make it out for this night. I'm honestly glad to be alive and lucky enough to still be able to play for people who care, and enjoy what I do. There were many times for the better half of last year when I thought I had lost all the fire to play anymore. Thanks to the encouragement of a few musician friends, I've really come back around and I'm thankful for the opportunities they kept giving me. Hell, I'm thankful for those who have given me a place to stay. I lost quite a few things last year. Including loved ones, relationships, legal battles, and at times myself and my sanity. Some of these things were my fault and some were out of my control. But, the fog lifted and I'm still here, trying to do better and making the most out of the short time myself and all of us have here. I'm lucky to have the people in my life I do and am thankful for their patience. So, come out and say hi this night, and lets celebrate.

Here's some real life, in the moment personal "therapy session", I recently was a part of: