Friday, February 21, 2014

New DIY Pedals and a Show

Finally finished up the Feedback Looper and Dying Battery simulator, and gave them a proper paint job.  I made this video as a demonstration of what the Dying Battery Simulator can do to analog pedals.  I got the idea from the great site and simply added an LED and on/off bypass switch.  The Feedback Looper video can be found in an earlier post. I hope to get a few more pedals built and tweaked very soon. I have a few wacky ideas, we'll see if I can make them work. 

Oh yeah, and there is this show coming up next month.  What started out as a solo project I was calling "Godzilla Snacks" has morphed into a few people wanting to play a few of those songs I wrote for that project along with a few other songs.  Should be a fun show.  Probably a few more shows next month with any luck.

Saturday, February 1, 2014