Saturday, October 20, 2012

Revuelta Roja

After 6 months of struggling at trying my hand at producing and recording an album for a friend, it's finally finished.  I still have a lot to learn.  There's a crazy story to the meet up I first had with my friend Juan.  I was sitting in a park with my guitar one day and this dude comes up to me.  This was Juan Pablo whom I would later become good friends with.  Well, it's not everyday you meet someone in a park who isn't a drug dealer.  Juan had a band in Panama once. The band was destined to be finished for good.  The guitarist passed away and the drummer ended up on the streets addicted to crack. I decided to help Juan remake some of these old songs which the band had.  They never had a chance or money to pay for a proper record or a recording of any kind.  I will never know how much this band influenced people in Panama, but it sounds like they once had a good following.  Their lyrics were highly politically and socially fueled.  I hope the old surviving band members and their fans can appreciate the work we put into this.  Well, enjoy.