Sunday, May 29, 2016

How to Piss Off the Soundguy

I've noticed a striking increase in crappy behavior towards sound folks lately.  Let's face it, there is plenty you can do to upset them.  But the one thing that needs to be stopped is musicians going out on the floor to judge the mix.  Some people take pride in their work and you jumping out on the floor to listen shows no confidence in the job the sound person is doing.  You might as well be hovering over their shoulder shouting spittle laced pointers, while putting your grubby hands all over their board.  It's that offensive.  You're probably a mediocre musician playing in a local joint, where everyone is super drunk just to get through the night you're about to give them.  The sound guy probably has more experience than you and probably has been working in the room you're playing many more times than you.  Stop it.  Be polite.  Maybe learn their name.  If you need something in the monitor than say what you need.  Also, if you're playing super loud, understand the PA won't always keep up with you in some places.  Don't pull the shitty rock star attitude with the sound guy.  It's your fault. 

I've seen a recent string of these actions.  The last chick who pulled it had her shitty sounding Metal Zone blasting out of a 130 watt amp ear fucking me.  It's going to sound like shit no matter what sweetie.  Then she gets upset when the PA can't keep up with the amp.  Wouldn't want to miss a second of that guttural noise escaping your herpes riddled mouth.  It's been a week and I think the tinnitus in my ears has finally stopped. 

Post-Script:  Also don't give blowjobs on stage unless your job is a sex worker.  (Yes, I actually saw this the week before) 

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