Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 already?

New years is upon use already once again. I guess I can't make promises of what I will accomplish this year but, what I can promise is, no more spinning my wheels and no more grabbing for the carrot that was never there. I will do what I feel meaningful, and memorable, and everything else is a waste of time. I will leave the country for a while this year, and maybe hit the east coast. For one of the first times in my life, I really feel there is little tying me down in one place.

So, as for the BS resolutions I might not keep.

1. I will finally record my own songs. Pay for them, produce them, hire musicians, and put out a piece of plastic no one listens to more than once.

2. I will be healthier and scarier.

3. I will finally get a tattoo from my father.

4. I will continue painting, for I have shamefully ignored it for ten years.

5. I will live another year...........

That is it. Anymore of a person is inhuman. I wouldn't expect the same from you. Drink champagne tonight and have a good time. Above all, take time to stop your routines once and a while. Actually, don't go to work for a while. Fuck em. Jump on that next boxcar and see what you find out about yourself.

Happy New Year.

Love, Lum

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